2019 Prophecy

It is a year of laughter, pleasant surprises.
It is a year in which I will walk among my people; I will work and walk in Nigeria.
I will disrupt and interrupt in the election for my glory and divine plan to come to pass.
I will overthrow human plan and plots.
I will dethrone those that are against me and my kingdom.
It shall be a year of speed. My grace and glory will be supplied for accomplishment.
It shall be a year of acceleration.
Women, pray against exploitation and loss of position or office.
A wild man gaining access into the world.
It is a year of supernatural working wonders.
A year of marvellous wonders.
A year of marvellous manifestation of the greatness of God.
A year of pleasant surprises that will reveal my signs and wonders.
A year in which I will counter the activities and manifestations of the dark world.
A year in which the book of life and destiny will be opened to give to everyone according to their works.
A year of greater light where there has been darkness.
A year in which there will be manifestation of the ANGELS, there will be revelation of another man to follow, defend and guide my own, my very own.
A year of flood of judgement.
A year of political and governmental surprises, the hard-hearted will be removed by me; I will put the weak and those the power-brokers have rejected. I will raise and uphold their hand.

2019 Prophecy as revealed to God’s servant Pastor Isaac Ayodele Adeleke on December 18, 2018 at 10:25am.

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