You will be an object of mercy and your mistake, error, scandal shall be pardoned and forgotten. ( Read the 2018 prophecy that God gave to me for you and others).
God will turn your MESS to a MESSAGE.
No person of power shall keep you down again.
Your coming glory shall manifest.
Your destiny is empowered for full manifestation.
Your earnest expectations shall become manifestation.
All the plans of your enemies are disappointed.
You’re moved out of hopelessness and helplessness to confident hope in Christ Jesus.
Your work shall bring result and reward.
You shall be empowered to take over business, industry and professional territories.
All your good earnest righteous desire will manifest by the grace mercy.
All your fruitless efforts will turn to effortless fruitfulness.
You will move from low or under performer to high performer in Jesus name.
Be BLESSED and have a great weekend ahead.

Pastor Isaac Adeleke
References: Romans 9:15-16; Isaiah 43:9-18

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