Pastor Isaac Ayodele Adeleke

Isaac Ayodele Adeleke was raised to manifest and carry the fragrance of God’s glory through prayer, teaching, deliverance of individual’s, families, businesses, political parties, governments and communities through the gospel of the kingdom of God.
He is called to teach prayers in its entirety, offer professional and spiritual counseling and minister liberty in a way that set the hearers and readers free.
He has ministered across the cities and states of Nigeria and nations of Africa, United kingdom and beyond. He has served in leadership capacity with Youth For Christ Oritamefa Baptist Church, Emmanuel Baptist Church, etc.
He’s a chartered Marketer, Communicator, Creative Writer and Producer of Radio and TV programmes, as well as an astute blogger.
He’s a Principal Pastor at Gethsemane Prayer Ministries Int’l and currently serving as the International Director of the famous Gethsemane Prayer School. He has listening hears that has endeared him to a global audience. He’s married to delectable Adekemi Ayodele Adeleke and blessed with star children, Toluwalase and David-Daniel Ayodele Adeleke.

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The Almighty God called me and commissioned me to teach and impart the fire of prayer. I’ve been used of God in various Nations, Communities, Fellowships and Churches. I want to introduce to you, the truth about Jesus in a fresh, illustrative and creative way.

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Telephone- 0805 517 9658, 0812 567 4014

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