Welcome to a day and week of adventure that will turn your life around, for good.
I prayer for you that:

As you enter this day and week, may God give you power to overcome sin, grace to break every evil habit and give you power to overcome every seed of impurity and impossibility in Jesus Mighty Name.
From this day, may your life be full of light that conquer every form or power of darkness.
I pray that your whole body be sanctified and be full of good healing and sound health.
May your stream of income and investment be blessed.
May your home, locality and your workplace be satisfied with peace and prosperity.
May this day and week, bring you into destiny encounter of transformation that will give will turnaround, fortune and favour.
May your projects not suffer delay, termination or abandonment.
May your life not experience a satanic siege that scuttle your attempt to grow and succeed.
May your life become mission accomplished.
May you not be wind resisted but wind assisted.
May you enter into a sudden help for success.
God will break all satanic assembly put together to frustrate you.
Every caucus or clique put together against your rising shall scatter and break to pieces.
May God put the camp of the adversary in total disarray in Jesus name.
I demand that all the arrangements of the wicked against you be destroyed.
Satanic devices designed to derail your life, project or dreams shall scatter and break to pieces.
You will live well to your old age, In Jesus mighty name.

Birthday Celebration, Prayers And Thanksgiving
Wednesday, June 28 @12noon & @6pm
Thursday @6pm
Friday, June 30 @6pm
@ Gethsemane Prayer Ministries International Lagos
20, Kayode Street, Onipanu
Be. there and share.
Tel: 08055179658, 07031999555.

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