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The Battle Of Glory

Scriptural Power Points:
Colossians 1:27; 3:4; 1 Corinthians 15:41; Genesis 25:20-22; 26:1-24; 38; 2 Chronicles 13:1-22

“There is one glory of the sun, and another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars, for one star differeth from another star in glory.” (1 Corinthians 15:41).

The thing about glory is that it makes you shine. You cannot hide glory. Stars mentioned in the above scripture talk of human beings. We are not the same but we all were made to shine.
We different levels, phases, sizes and weights of glory.
What we do with the glory we’ve been endowed with will to a large extent determine the dimension of glory that we carry or manifest.
When we function in our place or post we shine, as we become effective and responsible we transit from one level of glory to another.

No individual, place or thing was created without glory. There is enough glory upon your life for you to shine. Glory is what causes man to shine. What led the wise men to look for Jesus? His star was shining.

Say, “I will shine. I am a shining star.”

There’s battle of glory, there are individuals or certain cabals or mafia like satanic intermediaries such as marabout, sorcerers, diviners, enchanters that are agents of the forces of darkness. They watch, monitor, control and trouble or afflict stars.
When they see through their evil eyes they see the glory bestowed on an individual, place or thing they attempt to cover, transfer, exchange, cover or even destroy the glory they’ve seen.
This is the battle of glory.
This battle is real.


  1. Paul, Acts 9: ; 23:9-11
  2. Elijah, 1 Kings 19:1-5
  3. The new man child, Revelation 12
  4. Daniel, Daniel 3; 6;
  5. Isaac, Genesis 26
  6. Jacob, Genesis 27; 28; 32

Categories of people in a battle

  1. Those who are currently going through a battle.
  2. Those involved in an ongoing protracted battle.
  3. Those who have lost a battle.
  4. Those who are about to enter a battle.
  5. Those who are about to exit a battle.
  6. Those who have just won a battle.
  7. Those who have no battle.

Origin of battle
Job 5:6-7
Every battle have a source. The battle of glory is often causative.

Dimension of battle

  1. Unfinished battle by parents. If ones parents, mentors or leaders or bosses were defeated and conquered in a battle they hand over such battle to their children as inheritance or stock.
  2. Battles created by parents. For example, mortgage or borrowing credit facility that wasn’t serviced or paid, children have to pay it, 2 Kings 4:1-3
  3. Self-induced battle. This is often caused by ones undue exposure e.g. use of words, arrogance, immorality, etc.
  4. Battle as a result of blessing, Genesis 27.
  5. Battle as a result of result, performance or level of productivity e.g. Elijah, 1 Kings 19:1-2
  6. Battle as a result of satisfaction by parents, boss, predecessor, etc. Job 1:1-4
  7. Battle as a result of contention or opposition.
  8. Battle as a result of call, destiny, etc. Acts 9; 23:9-11

Let’s look at the example of Apostle Paul in Acts 23, the high priest, Pharisees and Sadducees brought him to judgment. In verse 11, the Bible narrates that in Paul’s dream on a certain night, Jesus stood by Paul and said to him, “Be of good cheer, Paul” in other words, be encouraged, “for as thou hast testified of me in Jerusalem, so must thou bear witness also at Rome.” He said “Paul, don’t mind this fake judgment taking place. You will shine. Paul, there is an open door for you between Jerusalem and Rome.” Jesus did not say, ‘I think or probably.’ He said, “You must.” It is set and fixed. It cannot be changed. “Paul, I the Creator of heaven and earth has said it, you must witness also in Rome,” was what Jesus meant.

The morning following the dream, at least they counted forty men whom the devil possessed, men who cursed themselves, saying that they would not eat or drink until they had killed Paul. You can see that when Jesus was talking to Paul, the devil was listening to the conversation, eve-dropping but God had already spoken. May whatever God has spoken concerning your life come to full manifestation in Jesus’ name, Amen!

Prayer Power Points: Whatever cloth they used in covering my star, virtue or glory so that it will not shine I command its removal from my face, life, business, career, and education, in Jesus name. Amen!

Glory is what causes the carrier or possessor of glory to shine.
However, the battle of glory is what render inactive, small or limited the endowed or bestowed glory.
When the glory of a person, place or thing is covered it cease to function.
It is closed.
It is locked up.
It is submerged.
It is buried.
It is tied.

Effects or symptoms of a glory that’s not shining.
Absence of shining is what brings about

  1. Confusion. The arrow and projectile of confusion has been targeted and directed at glory carriers. That arrow will leave you because in all the churches there’s no confusion. Wherever Jesus is there should be confusion.
  2. Frustration. No matter how some individuals try so hard to succeed they are bedevilled with frustration.
  3. Depression. The arrow and projectile of depression has been hauled or fired at glory carriers. Hence many get depressed because of the glory they carry.
  4. Distress. Unusual stress and distress has been the lot of people in leadership. It is what I call the burden of glory carriers and leadership burden.
  5. Disease. The disease some people are going through is as a result of the glory on their lives.
  6. Death. The threat to glory is real. It often result in sudden or premature death as a way to mess or waste the glory of the individual or place.
  7. Debt. Functioning glory attracts or magnetise resources but when there’s attack on that glory it experiences lack, dryness or absence of required resources that’s needed for the glory to function. It is the reason there’s lack of sales, patronage, profitability or productivity. There are many whose glory is under battles hence they find it difficult to make financial headway, they borrow, owe and beg to survive. If this is your condition, you shall be delivered.
  8. Delay. Many glories are mysteriously delayed, held back, put under a wedge they cause delay, impasse, stumbling block, etc.
  9. Destruction. When a place or person imbued with glory the adversary will wage an all out battle in order to destroy such glory. No matter how hard they try, they shall fail.
  10. Denial. When glory begins to shine there will be no more delay. The regime of delay will be overturned. Things will begin to come on time. May the glory of God experience liberation from delay as you break forth into the expected glorious liberty. Victory is sure and certain.
    Go forth, arise and shine!!

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