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Breaking Contrary Seal On The Personal, Corporate, Community Or Family.
Scriptural Power Points: Exodus 2:16-21; Matthew 26-27; John 11-12; Jeremiah 38
By: Isaac Ayodele Adeleke
Gethsemane Prayer Ministries International Lagos

The lives of many people have been sealed up hence they grope in the dark.
There are times that things are held in secrecy. It is held in obscurity.
It is unseen to the physical eyes and kept away from the u discerning.
If we desire total or lasting healing, we should consider the issue of seal.
In our quest for health and healing, we should consider the issue of seal.
For example, when someone is challenged in health, the evil and wicked operators will lock up and seal up the origin of the sickness in secrecy, in the dark and make it a mystery hence medical doctors and even doctors will labour in the dark without any success.
They just do trial by error.
The habitation of the earth lieth under the habitation or operating environment of wickedness hence they disguise, they operate surreptitiously. They enter a stealth bomber to launch and service their arrows of darkness hence, doctors, managers try frantically without headway. The reason is not far fetched, it is because of wickedness that’s serviced by seal.
Purpose of seal

  1. To identify a target, thing, place or person.
  2. For easy attack.
  3. To foreclose solution.
  4. To prevent anyone to enter to help or heal the person.

Dimension of seal

  1. Economic or financial seal.
  2. Marital seal.
  3. Business seal.
  4. Governmental seal.
  5. Political seal.
  6. Industry or professional seal.
  7. Bodily seal.

Understanding seal
Scriptural Power Points : Psalms 74:20; Ezekiel 9

Function of a seal

  1. To guarantee business contract, Jeremiah 32:9-14
  2. To serve as evidence and witness.
  3. To lock doors and entrances of a body, house, office, business, church, etc. Matthew 26:66

What can be sealed?

  1. Health can be sealed.
  2. Opportunity can be sealed.
  3. License can be sealed.
  4. Office can be sealed.
  5. Womb, heart, blood, bone, etc can be sealed. This prevent doctors or vaccinations from entering to do the needed work of healing.
  6. Career can be sealed.
  7. Attempt to launch our or expand can be sealed.

Indication of a seal
1.Avenues for help is often blocked.

  1. Potential for growth and development is stalled.
  2. Healing become a mirage.
  3. Student can’t absorb what’s taught, can’t memorize or remember what was taught.
  4. Sickness come and go or refuse to go.
  5. Opportunity is scattered or wasted.

How to break the seal?

  1. Through insight, revelation.
  2. Exercise of the force of faith.
  3. Through pronouncement of spoken or written Rhema Word.
  4. Through praise and worship.
  5. Through daily and ceaseless prayer of agreement.
  6. Through pronouncement and anointed declaration.
  7. Invocation of the Holy Spirit, the Breaker, Micah 2:13.
  8. Release of God’s holy fire.
  9. Activating and courting the angels of God to break the seal.
  10. Through battle seed and victory seed.

How is seal enacted?

  1. On the altar.
  2. Through sacrifice.
  3. Planting of charms, evil oil or water sprinkled on a portion of land, body or entrance of an office.
  4. Satanic prayer walk or mass.
  5. Through enchanted or incensed gifts.
  6. Through dreams.
  7. Through food.

Prayer Power Points
Break The Seal

  1. Lord, open my eyes to see what’s obstructing or hindering my healing, fruitfulness, breakthrough and compensation.
  2. Lord, order your angels to come to my aid to break visible or invisible seal.
  3. Holy Spirit, come to crack open and break every seal of darkness.
  4. Lion of Jusah, break seal of darkness on my body, soul, spirit, business, spouse, children or house.
  5. I neutralizer satanic seal in my life, spouse, children, business, community, etc.
  6. You ministry of wickedness, expire and come to an end.
  7. You satanic seal, be overturned, overturned and overturned.
  8. I sack the priesthood that’s servicing the altar abd gate of seals.
  9. I release the arrow of judgment as I execute the judgment written against the doers and operators of satanic seal.
  10. You seal be opened.
  11. I open the padlock that has sealed up my health, life and or business.
  12. I receive deliverance from the shackles of darkness.
  13. I’m opened and aligned to meet and receive the seal Breaker and opener.
  14. Lord, I give you the glory, honour, power, dominion and increase due to your name and kingdom.
  15. Thank you Lord for the exceeding blessings.
  16. I’m healed.
  17. Healing is my portion.
  18. I deserve to be healed and set at liberty. I receive what I deserve.
  19. I discard wrong or limiting belief, self-doubt or confusion.

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