Scriptural Power Points:
Joshua 1:8; 2; Exodus 2:16-21; Psalms 84; Acts 13:1-12; 16:14-28;
Pastor Isaac Ayodele Adeleke
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Success attained is desirable and sweet.
Success is the accomplishment of intended purpose
As laudable as success is, it is not as touchable to individual’s.
There’s a spirit called anti-success, it is a combination or assemblage of spirits that come against you to resist, confront, block and hinder you from succeeding.
It manifest when you pray, it will show as a mirage, a watershed of nightmares, strange dreams, opposition of dark forces and strange things in your foundation, root, therefore you have to identify them as they are with a view to deal with them as they.
When anti-success spirit is attached or attacking a person success will be a mirage as such the spirits must be confronted and challenged with a superior firepower.
Victory is sure, you will be free and will break out out of resistance to your attempt to succeed as you launch and arrive into the land and horizon of success.

1) Lord, I thank You for the grace of success, achievement and accomplishment in my assigned task, mission and destiny

2) Strongman of obscurity, rise and fall, non-achievement and delay, your agenda, mission and assignment is over in my life, be wasted in Jesus’ name.

3 ) Every chain of darkness keeping and holding me down, break to pieces; invisible chain of darkness that oppress and limit mission
from rising, manifesting and shining, break by fire.

4 ) My destiny mission, arise and shine in Jesus’ name.

5 ) My life mission, hear the Word of Lord, receive the touch of God to manifest by fire.

6) Every ordinances and handwritings of the family, locality, environment of failure at the edge of success, be wiped off by the Blood of Jesus.

7) Power blocking my opportunities from manifesting, be
destroyed in Jesus’ name.
8) Power keeping, holding, diverting and hindering my divine helpers from identifying and locating me, be paralyzed
and be wasted in Jesus’ name.

9 ) Favor and mercy continually accompany my effort, labour, input, investments, and
mission in Jesus’ name.
10) Every impasse, stop-work-order or embargo that oppose, accuse or resist my manifestation, break by fire in Jesus’ name.

Pastor Isaac Ayodele Adeleke
Tele: 08023027551, 08055179658

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