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Hear the sound of the trumpet; God just directed me to put the mark of safety, security and defense upon His people.
The PRAY FOR ME, PRAY WITH ME SERVICE of 9th August, 2017 this week service shall be with a difference.
I will speak on DIVINE DIRECTION and
I will administer Communion to everyone.
You’ve heard of the tragedy in Ozubu, Anambra State. May the souls of the deceased rest in peace. Hence God told me to foreclose the avenger and destroyer from penetrating your office, house, land or community.
When the sacrament of the bread and wine is administered it will put a mark of touch not upon the people, it keeps away evil plan and thought of misfortune, evil occurrence and disaster by the wicked/cruel from you while opening doors for you to increase, multiply and make a difference for God on earth.
For your reference kindly read Genesis 14:13-20; John 6:47-58; Acts 27:30-37,42-44; Psalms 91:1-16; 1 Samuel 30:7-12, 14-19,23-26.
Bring the picture of your loved ones and family members. Come along with the sand/water of the area.
You surely don’t want to miss it.
Persuade others to be there so as to help them to be alive. God has given me the key and insight for handling the menace.
It is time to take action as we apply our hearts to wisdom.
Tell everyone that desire abundant life.
It’s your time to be marked for good, I’ve told you the divine directive for you and yours to stay alive.
Don’t be a victim of the invaders and marauders that’s out to waste lives.
We shall do it on Tuesday 8th August, 2017 @6pm, Wednesday 9th August, 2017 @12noon & @6pm and Thursday August 10th 2017@6pm.
Gethsemane Prayer Ministries International 
(Abundant Life Assembly)
20, Kayode Street, Onipanu Lagos.
08055179658, 07031999555.
God bless you as you come, early and on time.
In Pursuit Of His Glory.
Pastor Isaac Ayodele Adeleke

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