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Enhancing The Power Of Ambition And Desire
Scriptural Power Points: Luke 3:21-22; Psalms 34:12-14; Isaiah 51:4-5; 54:4-5; Genesis 11:6-11; 34:1-27; Judges 5-6; 1 Samuel 24; 26; Psalms 45; 29; Acts 13:1-12; 3:19
Pastor Isaac Ayodele Adeleke
20, Kayode Street, Onipanu
Lagos State

Life is sweet when we achieve set goals, task, desire or ambition.
Life is beautiful when we experience progress and upward movement in the journey of life.
Progress and promotion in life is driven by ambition and desire.
Ambition and desire is what supply the gasoline or petrol that power the engine of our destiny in life.
Ambition and desire is a motivator and catalysts for success and achievement in life.
When ambition and desire are achieved life will be satisfactory and worth living.
In all of life, we ought to discover our assigned destiny, purpose and life assignment.
Once it is discovered, all effort, resources and energy will be directed towards their accomplishment.
Ambition and desire have to be upward, progressive and dynamic. When you’ve achieved a set ambition or desire you scale up and advance to other line of life. You set new ambition and desire for yourself. This way, life won’t be monotonous, a drag or routine.
Life is dynamic and progressive. Life abhors vacuum as such you have to constantly fill life with the desirable, laudable and achievable catalysts of life such as ambition.
Life was designed and created to be colourful and dignifying but some person’s life is full of misery, a drag and a far cry from what they desired and what God created them to be, experience and encounter.
There are unseen circumstances or vested powers that interrupt or intervene in life. These unseen forces has scuttled and distorted or even destroyed the innate ability, potential and capacity of people in life.
You ought to discover what these unseen forces are and locate the root cause with a view to overpower, dislodge and defeat them.
When you desire a break from the drag, gloom and misery of life you must take action.
Life can be better than what it is now, for life to be colourful and dignifying you have to constantly be on the upward movement.
Upgrade your spiritual, academic, social, governmental, political and professional life.

Prayer Power Points:

  1. Every satanic voices set up in my root to counter, crash or crush my pursuit of happiness and success be silenced and aborted.
  2. I disconnect from unseen root and foundation wrecking havoc and speaking against my destiny project in life.
  3. I withdraw my energy, resources and ability from unseen power that scatter efforts.
  4. I dissociate my life, my effort, my work, my schedule or operation from the power that confuse my language
  5. I break out of the influence of local, environmental and territorial influence that waste efforts, inputs and resources.
  6. I apply for the grace and mercy of God for my life.
  7. I cry out against powers that confuse and frustrate my ambition and desire, Genesis 11:6-11.
  8. I demand for unseen powers gathered against my destiny to scatter and be broken to pieces, in the name of Jesus.
  9. Every enemy of my progress inside and outside me, listen to me, I have obtained the mercy of God, so therefore, pack your load and go by fire, in the name of Jesus.
  10. The blood of Jesus go to effect mercy and deliverance in my root and foundation, in the name of Jesus.
  11. Wherever the powers of my father’s root and foundation has disconnected me from God’s mercy, the grace and mercy of God, reconnect me and restore me afresh, in Jesus name.
    I withdraw my star from higher occult animals such as pig, dog, lion and hyena.
    I cut the fountain oozing out rejection, resistance and contention against divine plan for my life to dry up.
    I demand for the pulling down of altars that mitigate against destiny fulfillment.
    I arrest invisible thoughts distilled and circulated through ideas, thoughts, opinion of leaders or gatekeepers or the media.
    I address negative or reverse publicity to be arrested and thwarted forthwith.
    I silence the voice of opposition.
    I silence the voice of objection.
    I silence the voice of replacement.
    I silence of evil exchange that’s bent on exchanging my name, blessing, opportunity or expectation.
    I silence the voice of falsification of data, records, documents, etc.
    I silence of destruction and annihilation of life and properties.
    I silence the voice of witchcraft, spiritism, occultism and idoltary.
    I activate the voice of glory restoration.
    I activate the voice of approval by opinion leaders and gate-keepers.
    I activate the voice of collective adoption for position of authority and influence.
    I activate the voice of glory manifestation.
    I activate the voice of glory expression.
    I activate the voice of support and assistance.
    I receive help from seen and unseen forces.
    I receive supernatural assistance for inexplicable success.
    Lord, I give you all the glory, power and dominion.
    I ask and receive with Thanksgiving, in Jesus name, Amen.
    Pastor Isaac Ayodele Adeleke
    20, Kayode Street, Onipanu
    Lagos State

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