How to relate with a child
1 Kings 3:16-28
Don’t over pampered.
Don’t be evasive or careless.
Don’t transfer or postpone your duty or responsibility.
Get on their level
Listen to them
Respect their individuality and humanity.
Be their best example, Genesis 18:17-19.
– in reading
– in chatting or talking.
– in relating with other people.
– in doing assignment.
– in submission.
– in obedience to authority.
– in practice of your faith in their presence.
– in behavior.
– in culture.
Don’t forget family time. Have time for boys alone and have girls time alone. Break the ice. Open up the conversation. Talk about things that bug you. Pray about it as a family. Create bonding time.
Respect their space and boundaries. Know when they want to be alone. Children’s room is an example of their space. Teach them to cover themselves.  Teach to value themselves.  Knock before entering their rooms.
Give children their honor.
Preserve their honor and value.
Keep the self-worth high.
Let them know that love is different from sex. It’s not everyone that say I love you you give your body to.
Admire them
Praise and hold them in high esteem.
Prepare them to be independent as an adult.
Talk less and listen more with respect.
Use good and respectable tone and pitch in communication.
Don’t be overbearing.
Don’t overburden them.
Don’t do things that make them avoid you.
Be approachable.
Crack jokes with them.
Don’t be too demanding.
Stop lies before your children.
Get good education.
Be honest with your children.
Support your children to succeed.
Allow your children to move forward.
Encourage them to invest.
Counsel them.
Pray for them.
Be careful. 1 Kings 3:16-28
Don’t be critical
Don’t be abusive.
Love your children, love your future.
Decree that they shall not be wasted on evil altar.
Decree that they shall be greater, successful.
Decree that your children will not be sick or diseased.
Decree that they will not lack for seed to sow and invest.
Decree that they will have bread to eat.
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