Start Well And End Well
Wednesday @12noon (I shall End Well)
Wednesday @6pm (I shall end well)
Thursday June 1st @6.30am (O Lord, go with me- Anointing Service)
Thursday June 1st. @6pm (Power For A Good Start)
20, Kayode Street, Onipanu
Tele: 08055179658, 07031999555

The outgoing month of May has been most awesome with diverse testimonies of healings,aborted death, and deliverances among our members and partners.We praise God.

Our praise and thanksgiving is a prayer catalyst. It opens the heavens and makes our prayers to be answered. It perfects and complete incomplete miracles, it breaks through unsettled lives. Cultivate the attitude of magnifying the Lord, 2 Samuel 2:1, 26.

God calls us to finish well, not just at the end of our lives, but to finish well every assignments, business projects, and success journeys at the end of every month, week or day. If we do fall below set target, when we fall, what hope do we have? We can pick ourselves up again so we can start and end well. By Omega anointing you shall finish well.

Jesus entered human race, and ran it perfectly, successful in His set tasks and assignments. On the cross, He said, “it is finished”. Since Jesus started well and finished well, we have the hope and grace of finishing well too. When we keep our eyes on the person and grace of Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, we shall finish well and end well.

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