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HOMILY: I Shall End Well (Anointing For Successful Month And Project Completion) IAA
Scriptural Power Points: Psalms 67:5, 6, Revelation 1:8; 1 Samuel 30; 2 Samuel 7; 1 Kings 2; 1 Chronicles 29; Genesis 15: 15, 1-14; 22; 24.
The outgoing month of May has been most awesome with diverse testimonies of healings, aborted death, and deliverance among our members and partners. We praise God.

Our praise and thanksgiving is a prayer catalyst. It opens the heavens and makes our prayers to be answered. It perfects and complete incomplete miracles, it breaks through unsettled lives. Cultivate the attitude of magnifying the Lord, 2 Samuel 2:1, 26.

God calls us to finish well, not just at the end of our lives, but to finish well every assignments, business projects, and success journeys at the end of every month, week or day. If we do fall below set target, when we fall, what hope do we have? We can pick ourselves up again so we can start and end well. By Omega anointing you shall finish well.

Jesus entered human race, and ran it perfectly, successful in His set tasks and assignments. On the cross, He said, “it is finished”. Since Jesus started well and finished well, we have the hope and grace of finishing well too. When we keep our eyes on the person and grace of Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, we shall finish well and end well.


Power Prayer Points:

  1. Heavenly Father, I thank you for the gift of life and preservation of my soul.
  2. Thank you Lord for endowing me with your goodness and blessings.
  3. I have a good inheritance; my portion is beyond measure by God’s unending grace.
  4. Lord, by your mercy terminate and truncate every program of poor ending.
  5. I withdraw my life from any appointment with lack, tears and disgrace in Jesus name.
  6. I command the doors of abundant provision to be opened as this month winds up.
  7. I bind and dismiss satanic gate keepers detailed to harass my State and Nation.
  8. I forbid any evil power from manipulating our children, teachers or any others.
  9. Let everything begin to work for my good and in my favour in Jesus name.
  10. I receive Omega anointing of good ending to end well in Jesus name.
  11. When others say there is a casting down, I shall see and say there is lifting up.
  12. I command the stronghold of shame and reproach to collapse in Jesus name.
  13. None of my projects will suffer any form of abortion or miscarriage in Jesus name.
  14. I receive the covering of Jesus blood over my life and portion; I thank you Lord.

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