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    Genesis 6:6-10; 19:19;
    2 Corinth. 1:12; 1 Corinth. 15:10; Zechariah 12:8-10;

Many are besieged with recurring crisis, health challenges, losing business opportunity, etc.
Nearly all mortal desire and aspire to be victorious and be successful. It is a good desire and aspiration.
There are keys for victory and success in life.

“And to the angel of the Church in Philadelphia write; These things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth” (Rev 3:7).

In Rev. 3:7, Jesus mentions that He’s the one that has the key of David. We need to pray and to ask God, “What is the key of David?”
It includes but not limited to grace and favour that make victory and success in life a possibility.
When vacancy existed for a leadership position of kingship in the country, a family was chosen to nominate any of their children as possible king to fill the throne. The family of Jesse was chosen, he had eight sons.
Unfortunately, Mr. Jesse invited seven of his sons while he neglected and condemned the eight sons to the wilderness of life to remain with animals, unknown, unused and unheard.
David had seven brothers who filed out before Samuel but they were all rejected. David was the least qualified and was not around when Samuel came, Samuel asked if Jesse did not have another son. Jesse said he did and Samuel said no one would sit down until David had come.

David came and the Spirit of God, grace and favour, announced him to Samuel. From that day onwards, the Spirit of the LORD for grace and favour came upon David. Grace was the key that opened the door for David to fill the vacancy for kingship where his earthly father considered him unfit to be presented for nomination at the primary. He was the least qualified but David was the one who found grace before God. Indeed, the stone that the father rejected has become the chosen and appointed.
Similarly, grace and favour will turn rejection to acceptance and approval, grace and favour will turn disappointment to appointment. You shall be chosen and selected. It is your season of deliverance from lack, hindrance, opposition and shame to victory, success and bumper harvest.

After David got the job, the outgoing king, Saul, tried to pin David to the wall with his destructive spear but David escaped. Saul tried to kill him on his bed but David escaped. You too will escape from every attempt on your life, business or office.
Saul laid hidden snare for David but David escape. When Saul had boxed him to a corner and all that was left was for Saul to capture out to him, David cried out to God for supernatural intervention and suddenly a message came that made David comparatively less important at that point to Saul. Saul went after his new and bigger problem and told David that he would come back for him. God gave Saul another problem so that he would forget about pursuing David.
Your opposition will have God to contend with.
They will be attack from the rear.
Stubborn and relenting pursuers shall be pursued.

They have been defying every applicable solution to your success and victory but they cannot successfully obstruct the manifestation of grace and favour.
Now that grace has found you, the problem you thought had no solution will find solution.

No agent of darkness can successfully or permanently stop grace and unmerited favour. You will laugh last and have the upper hand.
You will be victorious
You will success and not fail in Jesus name.
I await your seed-faith and testimonies.

Powerful Prayer Points:
Lord, I thank you for your oversight in my life and destiny.
Lord, I thank you for your grace in my life.
The hand of grace is on my life, I gain speed and territory.
The grace of God my enemies, receive a new problem from God that will defeat them.
O God, confuse my enemies.
O God, distract my enemies.
I release the arrow of blindness to blindfold anyone following me around.
I release of wastage to waste

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