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When *a Lawyer* looks at you, he calls you a client. *An Artist* calls you a fan, *A Conductor* calls you a passenger, *A Doctor* calls you a patient, *A Banker* calls you a customer, *A Teacher* calls you a student, *A Politician* calls you a constituent, *A Soldier* calls you a civilian, *A Landlord* calls you a tenant. *But when God looks at you, He calls you His Royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar person. You are whom God says you are and Not what the world calls you.*You are blessed.

Your identity gives you self confidence.
Your identify will give self worth and make your life worthwhile.
Your identity give your life a meaning, it’s what makes your life meaningful.
Your identity impart and increase your value.
Your identity make you vision driven.
Your identity mskes you passionate about worthy cause.
Your identity gives you something to concentrate on and pursue.
Your identity enhance your performance.
Your identity increase your rate and level of productivity.
Your identity is the ladder for effectiveness and efficiency.
Your identity make your life profitable.

I implore you to discover your identity. When you’ve discovered your identity you proceed to deploy it to areas of your competence.

May your destiny be repackaged for unusual destiny fulfilment and manifestation.

You’re created to be special. You shall add value to your generation and the generation unborn.

I celebrate you. See you at the top.

Isaac Ayodele Adeleke

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