Monday Leadership Skills

A leader is human and humane, not an oppressor but a cheer leader, motivator and builder of men and materials.
A leader is anyone that’s given the privilege and opportunity to lead.
A leader is that person that’s growing, learning and making constant improvement. However, do we listen? Some are so full of the aura of fear that they can’t be approached or advised or even given suggestion. 
A great leader is a listener and a great student in the school called life.

Are you a leader?
There’s need to arise to solve the myriads of problems confronting humanity, organizations and establishments.
Leaders are leaders when they solve problems and make life liveable, colourful and meaningful.
As I look around our offices, families, communities and nation, I see the need for leadership.
Let’s heed the clarion call for leadership.
May God make us all a better person and leader.

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