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Ministry Capacity And Competence

People go to a Dentist to solve teeth problem.
People go to a Psychologist to solve mental, emotional and attitudinal problem.
People go to a Pastor to solve spiritual problem.
Pastor’s are specialist with specific messages to specific audience. Pastor’s don’t preach the same message or use the same strategy because of the divine mandate they’ve been assigned. Let’s embrace ministerial capacity and competence.
I’m sent to pray and lead God’s people to the point of liberation.
This account for the books that I’ve published e.g. Liberation For The Head, Liberation For Children, Teenagers and Young adults, Liberation For The Mind, Liberation For Memory, Liberation For Singles, Liberation For Marriage And The Married, among others.
Do call +2348055179658, +2347031999555
Facebook. com/Pray For Me

Also, I’ve aligned with the vision of Daddy, Rev. Dr. Moses O. Aransiola, I started Prayer Mountain at 20, Kayode Street, Onipanu
Lagos State
Come to pray for personal or corporate matters.

For Let There Be Demand For My Goods And Services:
7 Wednesdays @12noon & @6pm
7 Thursdays @7am & 6pm
7 Sundays @9.30am

@ 20, Kayode Street, Onipanu, Lagos State

Connect to collect.
The Holy Spirit is saying “come”
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