Deliverance is the un-bounding, undoing the heavy yoke, removing physical or spiritual yokes that has been placed on the individual.
There are countless testimonies that attest to our efforts and services.

We exist to offer holistic approach to the community. We analyze communities and provide solution to the identified challenges.
We work together with professionals to render this service. We’ve provided medical aids and services, academic aids and services, environmental aids and services among others.

Our researches and outreaches has revealed that there communities that are troubled by certain activities either in the past or present that has bedeviled and beclouded the potential and possibility of such communities. We therefore engage in spiritual and prophetic action to deliver the community and break the strongholds of darkness over the community.

We’ve seen cases of lands fighting, resisting or been hostile to people that live or operate on it. These occurrences are a few of the effects of lands that are oppressed needing deliverance. We have a mandate from God to offer liberation to such lands

A business can be vandalized, troubled, afflicted, tormented and kept in captivity. When this happens such corporate entity will find it difficult to break even or make headway. God has helped us in this mandate of liberation and we have testimonies in this regard.

There are identifiable problems, challenges or crises that have plagued some families. It has not allowed their efforts, attempts or abilities to yield expected result. We offer a helping hand to such families.

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