Welcome to the month of Elohim Azar , the month of covenant blessings.
* The covenant blessings of Abraham are yours. You will blossom in the land of the living and flourish like never before.
* The grace of God will crown your efforts, resulting in great accomplishments.
* True help will come to you.
Wealth will come to you from every side.
* God will make your life easy. Every blessing you have missed in the past will come round to you by the favour of the Lord.
* You shall not die, neither shall you bury the dead. No disaster, no calamity, no plaque in your camp.
* Irrespective of past struggles, faults, and failures , you will make it to the very top in the name of JESUS.
* Whatever has hindered the flow of God’s grace and power in your life is removed in JESUS name.
* As you serve the Lord this month, He will pour upon you more grace , and renew your strength to serve Him better and make you a showpiece of His grace.
* The spirit of ignorance that brings poverty is cast out of your life. Receive your breakthrough in JESUS name.
* The LORD will clothe you with glory .Significant people shall come to you surround and stand by you.
* Go forth and succeed in JESUS name. Amen. Shalom.

Join us from November 1st to November 30th for the annual 30 days fasting and Prayer.

Isaac Ayodele Adeleke
Gethsemane Prayer Ministrations Intl Lagos.

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