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Morning Dew
I pray for you this morning that the King of Glory will arise, visit you and turn around your situation.
The power of God shall be released into your life and endeavours to make your task, duty and job schedule accomplished.
I pray that the grace of God will give you liberty that terminates hustling and struggling.
May the grace and mercy of God make your life meaningful and dignifying.
I petition for the power to get the job done with ease to manifest in your life.
The power of God will usher you out of the balcony of recession and catapult you to mansion of unlimited blessings.
Every enemy, exploring destructive strategies against your progress in life, shall be disgraced and put to perpetual failure.
Any adversary that rise up against shall fall and flee from you.
I pray for restoration of lost ground and opportunity.
I ask God to give inner and outer peace.
May you be baptized with everlasting joy.
May your work and life be smeared with unlimited mercies to be upon you.
May you be given wisdom to live a productive life.
May you be a wise soul winner.
May you maximize every opportunity to share your faith with others.
May the Lord grant us peace in our communities and nation(s).
Good morning.
Have a pleasant and joyful day.
…helping you to achieve your dream
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Gethsemane Prayer Ministries Lagos – …Imparting Prayer Fire, Transforming the World
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