…If God be for (you), who can be against (you)? Romans 8:31

Thinking of who is against you is developing fear, worry, anxiety and unnecessary apprehension. Your adversary are up against themselves because when God arise against them, He will collide with them and end their story in the red sea like Pharaoh. Therefore, when God’s mighty presence is with you the adversary is of no consequence. God is in you and God is for you hence you deserve victory and conquest always as you triumph over the adversaries that are against you.

Stop thinking of the adversary. Such thoughts it’s making the adversary to be bigger and larger than he really is. When I was a Child, the people always see enemies and at that tender age I used to detest it. Therefore, envision God at work and in your favour. Think more of God. You’re in God’s thought and plan. God is not ready to stop thinking about you, in your favour. Therefore, let it be settled in your mind that God won’t change his mind in your favour, as long as you do what’s pleasing in His sight. Focus your thought on God because God is for you and not against you. The more you focus on God the more the help and support God will make available to you and give you access to help and helpers.

Focusing on who is for you expresses your confidence in Him to help you.

When God is for you no man or woman, instution or establishment can successfuly be against you. Remember this that the triumph or threat of the adversary is momentary. The adversary shall not have the final victory. The adversary shall be defeated and triumphed over. Let me give you some examples of people that triumphed over their personal and collective adversary. Esther and Mordecai triumphed over Haman the biggot and despot. David triumphed over Goliath the mocker and proud. Hezekiah triumphed over the invader and disease. Mary triumphed over the wickedness of the wicked in her courtship. Leah triumphed over rejection and hatred in her marriage. Jacob triumphed over the curse and victimisation of Laban the oppressor and occult grandmaster. You too shall triumph and gain the upper hand.

I implore you to refuse to listen to the noise of opposition rather pay attention to the voice of your defender. Without an opposition there won’t be a position for you. God will use opposition to secure your right, privilege and portion; God will you the opposition of the adversary to give you position of victory, success and deliverance. Therefore, worship God and keep giving God the glory and you will never be under the adversary. #IAmIsaacAyodeleAdeleke 08023027551, 08108872681, 08187139079, 08056265584, 07031999555

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