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Paralyzing Arrows Of Witchcraft

I paralyze witchcraft devices, influence or curses over our territories and members.

Any witch or wizards assigned against the churches, ministries and services repent or die NOW.

I paralyze and declare illegal, null and void witchcraft activities that seduce or manipulate good people away from our lives, churches and ministry, I stop your operation now.

Any WITCHCRAFT altar raised around my house, community and church burn to ashes this morning in Jesus Name.

Father of glory, expose every personality who’s masquerading with witchcraft garment, powers and presence in this community and residential places in Jesus name.

Lord tank u once again for your supernatural deliverance from all forms of witchcraft manipulations in this community and territory, in Jesus name.

Every household and marketplace wickedness catch fire and be neutralized.

Every spell of witchcraft cast upon us, the community, territory and building in order to weaken our prayer life and membership growth, scatter by fire.

Evil dreams sponsored by witches and warlords, hiding their identities catch fire in Jesus name.

Any person monitoring our growth and progress, receive the arrow of judgement NOW.

We take the shield of faith and quench every fiery arrows of the wicked against the members, church services and today in Jesus name.

Thank you Lord for deliverance and perfect liberty.

All glory, honour, power, riches and dominion be unto our God and King, in Jesus name.

Prepared by:
Pastor Isaac Ayodele Adeleke

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  2. Result-Oriented Prayers
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  6. Liberation For Memory.
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  8. Liberation Of The Feet.
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  10. Divine Backing.
  11. The Coming Glory.

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God bless.

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