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Pray For Me

Good morning.
Welcome to a new day.
I pray that you shall not know shame. 
Your life will have colour and meaning.
I command the door of goodness to be opened to you for kingdom expansion.
I program peace of mind into your day and night.
I decree that every power of darkness attempting to frustrate you shall be defeated.
Every spirit working to vandalize your destiny shall perish.
Your expectations and blessings shall be delivered to you.
Untimely death will not cut you off in the midst of your days.
Riches and wealth shall locate you to serve God, promote the gospel and leave legacy.
Your hands will wrought miracles because you’re a sign and wonder to your world.
You will lead many out of darkness into the marvelous gospel of light.
Souls shall be converted and established in Christ through your witnessing.
You won’t fall down to the invader called sickness. Disease shall not take your peace and joy away.
You shall rise above limitations and failures. You and your family will not be victims of evil news.
The devil will not gain access into your open door of success.
The adversaries and enemies will not scuttle your JOY and FAVOUR.
You, your FAMILY and the Church shall win and rule in this life, in the mighty name of Jesus, amen. 

Have a great and blessed day. Remember to attend and invite others to PARENTAL & PROPHETIC BLESSING @12noon, Wednesday, @ Gethsemane, 20, Kayode Street, Onipanu.
Preach the gospel, win souls.

Good morning. You will triumph.

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