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2 Samuel 8:6 When the Arameans from Damascus came to the aid of Hadadezer King of Zobah, David killed twenty-two thousand of them. David set up a puppet government in Aram Damascus. The Arameans became subject of David and they were forced to bring tribute. God gave victory to David wherever he marched. MESSAGE

…God gave victory to David wherever he marched.👇
In the same way and manner, supernaturally you will be assisted by the SPECIALIZED ministering spirits of God to gain the upper hand, you’ll have the victory.
I therefore declare over you that this time and season is for your triumph, victory and success. 👇

👉The familiar NEGATIVE pattern, trend or sign will no longer have bearing or effect over your life and your seed sir. Today sir, just like David you will march out and return victoriously. I name you VICTOR/VICTORIA, you’ll sing victory songs, in Jesus name. I name you PAMILERIN, you will laugh and bring joy and not sorrow to yourself and people in and around you. www.isaacayodeleadeleke.org

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