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Praying For Honour And Greatness
Scriptural Power Points: Esther 1:20
It is the plan of God to bless you with honour and make you great.
You must have zero tolerance for mediocrity, idleness, pride and corruption because they wreck your glory.
I pray for that:
You will not fall from the ladder of greatness as you go out today. You’re delivered from disgrace to grace. Your small work will become great.
You will not meet evil but you shall be delivered from evil as you are searching for what you will eat today. God and nature will cooperate with you and assist you to bless and prosper the work of your hand.
Your glory will not turn to story but you shall turn from story to glory and from labour to favour.
You will never have a better yesterday or a better last year. The power of God shall make each new day become new, better, impactful and richer.
You shall not be de-robed of your glory and honour in Jesus name.
Good morning; do have a fruitful and a blessed day.
Join us for celebration service on Thursday @6pm & Friday @6pm
@ Gethsemane 20, Kayode Street, Onipanu Lagos.

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