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Prayer Power That Can Destroy Cancer Cells And Other Degenerative Diseases

God is a good God, there’s no evil, injustice and wickedness in God; the devil is a bad taskmaster, there’s absolutely nothing good in the devil.
Humanity was created to have dominion over their bodies but recent event and research has revealed otherwise.
There are causative factors to disease either curable or incurable.
Once the root cause of the disease, affliction or attack is identification and roadmap to healing is applied.
Healing and health is our portion. Demand for your healing and health, it shall be released.

  • O Lord, I thank you creating me perfectly and for sound health.
  • By my covenant right and privileges, I deserve to live and be in health.
  • I proclaim that am happy, joyful and glad.
  • I have supernatural and scriptural medicine working in my body as am cheerful and happy.
  • Eaters of body part, I declare your teeth wedged and broken.
  • Eaters of body-parts, vomit and release any part of my body you’ve eaten.
    -O Lord of hosts, send the angels of fire to go on a rescue mission to the inner and outer land of the living and the dead and exhume my body, spouse, suitor back from degenerative disease.
  • You destroyer, accuser or devil you’re a liar, my suitor, spouse, neighbour, leader, is not your candidate; as such I command you to eat your own flesh and drink your own blood.
  • Holy Spirit of resurrection breath life into my spouse, suitor, friend or family life,
    body, blood and bones, heart, brain, lungs, bronchi, feet, hands, throat, eyes, mouth, … etc.
  • O Lord, arise and deliver my husband, spouse, neighbour, coursemate, etc. from the mouth of the lion manifesting as dreaded disease or plague.
  • I open my body-parts and gates to spew out and vomit all antibodies lodging in the body system.
  • Jehovah Rapha, I offer you thanks for closing the door of degenerative disease and opening the door of deliverance for healing and health.
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    Lagos State
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