Freedom For Me And My Daughter(s)

Go to a quiet place and pray this prayer with focus, fire, holy stubbornness, concentration, aggression and passion.
Personalize all the prayer points in relation to yourself and your daughter(s).
Pray the prayer points.
Start the midnight thanksgiving prayers.
Continue the midnight prayers.
Continued with the prayers and if possible with fasting.
Continue the bombardments regardless of any odds you may notice in the physical.
Victory is sure.

Prayer Power Points:
Covenant keeping God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob wherever they attacked or afflicted me and my daughters cause them to give up, call me back and apologise.

O God, raise men and women that will offer school help towards my son, in Jesus name.

I refuse to pay my tithes and offering to curses, witches, wizards and warlords, in Jesus name.

Every Goliath standing in the way of the academics, star and destiny of myself and my daughters, let the brimstone of God locate their forehead.

Carriers of evil load carry your load in Jesus name.

Arrow of witchcraft causing strange behaviour be dashed to pieces.

God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob arise to search, locate and destroy covens, gates and highways where these arrows and voices are operating from.

Every documents where evil is stored against myself, my finances, star and relationship be set ablaze in Jesus name.

We transit from shame, sorrow, suffering, struggle to double success, achievement, victory, conquest and triumph.

All false accusation and litigation against me and my daughters by known or unknown faces or beings be dropped.

Powers of darkness, release me and my daughters without any conditionality.

All charges against myself and my daughters be dropped.

Prepared by:
Rev. Isaac A. Adeleke
Tele: +2348023027551

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