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Good day, my Beloved.
I perceive that there is intense warfare going on in the heavenly over human soul, destiny, church, family and businesses.
I therefore call on you to engage in spiritual warfare to contend against the contenders and guard your soul and spirit.
Also, do medical checkup to know the state of your body’s health.
I implore you to invest in your faith as you join other pilgrims to fellowship. e.g. Abundant Life Assembly, 20, Kayode Street, Onipanu, Lagos State
Info: 08055179658, 07031999555.
Observe and partake in communion service, draw the blood line over your house, office, properties and belongings. Come with your communion wine for consecration as we activate life on Sunday @9:30am at the COVENANT OF LIFE SERVICE.
Wednesday @12noon & @6pm & Thursday @ 6pm.
Join me as I make these prophetic declarations:
Your situation shall improve and get better.
You will move from zero to hero, nonentity to nobility and from ordinary to extraordinary.
You shall move from no business to greater blessings.
It’s your turn to be celebrated in places you’ve been tolerated.
I break the siege and spell of dryness in Jesus’ name.
I break the prolonged season of dryness.
I petition for the beginning of the former and latter rain.
I place upon your foreheads, the seal of the blood of everlasting covenant.
By the blood of the everlasting covenant, you’re exempted from the travails and torments ravaging this world.
I demand for your exemption from death that’s ravaging humanity.
I drive away the vultures that want to feed on your blood and flesh.
Regardless of how things fall around you, you shall remain strong and successful.
I curse every degenerative disease to dry up and drop off your body.
I uproot whatever the enemy has planted in your life, that is troubling you day and night.
Your troubled career and business is delivered and restored in the mighty name of Jesus.
Whosoever you’re praying for, for the salvation of their souls, the Holy Spirit will convict, rescue, establish and make them rooted and grounded in the faith.
You shall operate in the realm of abundance and sufficiency.
The Lord shall be your safety, security and defense.
You’re exempted from societal decadence and stench!
Where other businesses close down, your business will remain solvent and profitable.
When and where others become retrenched, you will be sought after because God will flood your mind with new ideas, concept and insight.
Your marriage and family won’t fall apart, in the mighty name of Jesus!
Our GETHSEMANE PRAYER MOUNTAIN IS OPEN TO ALL, do come to the mountain of the Lord.
08055179658, 0703199955.
Our Mandate…… raising ¬†influential army

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