This year is a good year, it’s year that’s laced with opportunity, challenges, discomfort and ups and downs but it will be a ladder to rising to an enviable heights.

Some say that 2023 could be the toughest year in a generation…

The world around us is shifting: we’re faced with more uncertainty than we’ve seen in over a decade.

And while the media is sounding alarms about a recession, there are people who are unmoved, they’re immovable, by the chaos and fear in this world.

💭 People who dare to take action without second thoughts…

✅ Who accept that they can’t influence what happens around them but how it’ll affect their lives…

📑 And that create a plan to rise to the occasion.

People that are IMMOVABLE.

To be IMMOVABLE means to look beyond the challenges, crises, chaos, etc ahead to see a compelling future…

And act with faith in making it a reality.

In his only FREE event this year, Isaac Ayodele will share the secrets to becoming IMMOVABLE in 2023.

In this 5-day LIVE training on February 13-17, 2023 you’ll discover…


✅ The proven strategies to creating a compelling vision and unlocking the most important resources within you to achieve it.

✅ How to set aside your fears and condition an IMMOVABLE MINDSET to face any challenge with confidence.

✅ How to harness the power of identifying patterns in your life and use them to your advantage

🗝️ Because the key to thriving in 2023 is not to just have a goal – it’s about growing to become the person that can accomplish it.

So… what would this year look like if nothing was holding you back?

➡️ Reserve your free seat to find out.

To participate in this meeting

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+234 805 517 9658
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