I erase my children’s name from evil list.
I pray against any form of delay in the lives of my children.
My seeds will make it on time.
Every single seed of mine are for trophy of Grace.
Lord give them unexplainable Blessings.
I will not be an EX mother or father.
Lord I secure my seeds in your arms.
In critical moments, God will send help to my children.
Where we cannot defend and stand for ourselves, God defend us oh Lord,vindicate my children.
My children shall not be an embarrassment to me, the family and nation at large.
Lord give me self announcing testimonies.
My children shall not receive death wrapped as love or lust.
My children shall not receive battles wrapped as blessings.
My children shall not be spectators in the gathering of glory.
My God, protect my joy.
My children will be the ones to take care of their own children.
My children will end well and reach their goals.
Each of my children will be blessed.
I shall not use my own hand to destroy the lives of my children.
My children will not be the victim of anybody’s mistake.
My children’s prosperity will be obvious.
My Children’s voice will be louder than the voices of their enemies.
Money will not finish or decrease in their lives.
Food will not finish from their mouth / table.
Great and unshakable shall be their peace.
They will excel in all they do.
The spirit of excellence will be evident in their lives.
They will be leaders and not slaves.
My children are fruitful in all they do.
These children are children of destiny.
They are destined for greatness and great things manifestation.
Their steps are ordered and directed by God.
Destiny helpers will always surround them all the days of their lives.
God’s hand of goodness, grace, mercy, blessings, favor and presence will follow them all the days of their lives and they will know God, serve God, follow God, hear God and dwell with God all the days of their lives. In Jesus’ mighty name, Amen.

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