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Life is more supernatural than natural.
Life is more metaphysical than physical.
Life is both spiritual and physical but the spiritual and metaphysical rules and carry a heavier weight of influence.
To enjoy the supernatural influence you have to operate by covenant
For example, the Lord made a covenant with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Israel; a covenant that’s transgenerational, it has lasted for ages. Similarly, in this new month may you enter, sustain and enjoy covenant with the Almighty God that will be long lasting.
God said I will give you the land of Nigeria and the nations of the earth because it will be your own possession.
In this new day, week, month and quarter, you will possess whatever you lay your hands upon and wherever your foot shall step on, you shall retain and establish the glory of God there for your family, His church, Govt. and Kingdom, in Jesus name. Amen.

Happy new month and Happy Independence day
Sunday @8.30am & @10am
Wednesday @12noon & @6pm
Thursday @6pm

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