The Call To Birth Character And Excellence

Scriptural Power Points:
2 Corinthians 4:1-10; 1 Samuel 18:1-5

We are at a critical point in time where nature, creation, the elements, governments and communities are in dire need of a different kind of people. These people will have zero tolerance for corruption, bribery, mediocrity, indolence, indebtedness and indiscipline. They’ve been liberated in the inner recesses of their mind.

For the aforementioned to happen, there is need for mental liberation; the mind is in a state of deliverance from societal mental shackles. When the mind is transformed the individual will come alive. They will responsible and responsive. They will be well and fitting for the occasion. They will pass the test of character, excellence and sustainability.

When character is unionised with capacity, excellence will be born. Life will be repositioned. Character is a foundational virtue. Whatever is built on character will be sustainable and long lasting. The work of skill and capacity will be enhanced by character. When you build on character, destiny will be discovered, deployed, engaged, breakthrough and shine forth.

Even though it takes capacity to give platform to an individual and announce the individual, it is character that will establish and sustain open door of favour and blessing. Many businesses and marriages fail when character has failed. Therefore, I implore you to build your character in the same way you are building capacity and there will be no stopping of your continuous rising and success.

Let good character add flavour to your life. It’s the scent of flavour of character that enhance your gift, ability, talent and potential.

You won’t underperform but be and become a top performer.

You will succeed.

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