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Lord is speaking, let him that have ears hear what the spirit is saying to the church.Rev Isaac Ayodele Adeleke and
Rev. David Amosun

I woke up this morning, I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “the change is coming as a sweepstake”.
He went further to say that “am coming with my broom to sweep the land clean”. There’s no need for gun or artillery because the fight will be spiritual, supernatural”. My angels are already positioned and detailed to take charge of locations, industries, governments and nations “.

N. B: This is a striking prophecy because the following day after it, 04/03/2020, a court sitting in Abuja suspended the chairman of the ruling party. Also, exactly 5 days later the Emir of Kano was removed, one kingdom goes and another comes in. Could this be the beginning of its fulfillment? Pls read prayerfully:


You have come to a year. It is a year of entering into new doors.
It is a year of stepping into new waters.
Don’t you see times have changed? Don’t you see the hours have altered?
The inhabitants of the earth do not know that the clock hand has changed.
Do not sleep like others. Do not be ignorant like others.
Look and behold, the Master is around the corner. Prepare yourselves.
Lift your eyes, behold, see the bridegroom is around the corner.

This is the hour that you will understand yet MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN; for the administration over your nation has been weighed and has been found wanting, and they shall proceed no further. For the end is determined for them.

Look at one kingdom is going and the other is coming in. Position yourselves children, to usher in with ME, the new era of the new kingdom. For it shall happen suddenly, even in your land. Yea, the ear shall tingle, and men shall gather, and they shall say What have of heard? for the kingdom is changed. And there shall be clusters of men gathering to strategize. Pray now that MY counsel shall be established.

Yea, that is that which has come upon your nation and upon your land, for the period and the time and the hour have changed. Men may not like it and those who walk in the flesh will contend, but they shall not prevail, for it has been determined.


Watch and look, for the hour of the clock has changed. You have not much time. Labour for that which lasts to eternity. Work for that which stands forever, for many will labour for the things of this world that passeth away. The time that I have spoken to you has arrived. Let he that is dressed for battle harness himself. For the hour that has come upon the world, this is the year that I have told you, the year of confrontation. Step into the water and confront your enemies, for the victory is yours saith the LORD. The time has come in your nation for the change of new order and new guard even at the helm of affairs of your nation. You shall hear the sound and you shall hear the news, for the confusion in the closet shall come into the open. That which has been covered in the secret in the secret shall come to limelight, for I will expose, I will expose, I will expose the lies of men at the helm of affairs of your nation.


Tell MY people, this is the hour to reap the harvest of nations, and multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision. If you will seek, I will grant to you the strength to reap the harvest. Look at many across MY body, their sickles are blunt, their implements are not strong. If you will seek and ask ME, I will sharpen your tool and you shall reap the harvest, for the harvest of the world has come.


Look at nations of the earth. Look as I have spoken to you. I am doing. I am shaking the nations. I am shaking the land. With disease and affliction, that the desires of many nations shall come to ME.

Fear shall come to the hearts of men and they shall not know which way to go.


I am marking MY own. Stay under the seal of MY blood. For that which you have heard going on in the world shall not come near MY people. I am sealing the forehead of MY people. They shall not escape by strength of man. Yea, the world shall not escape, for their wisdom shall come to their wits’ end and they shall run here and there, but as it was in the land of Goshen, there shall be light among MY people and I will strengthen MY own. This is the time you will hear, and you will know that when I see the blood, I will pass over you. Stay under MY blood, for MY blood covers all that you will need.


I told you to watch the nation of Israel. I told you to watch the nation of England, I told you to watch the nation of America, the United States. Watch for I am doing a new thing. As you see these three nations, watch in MY church for I have begun a new thing.


Those who draw swords in your nation have started to kill themselves. You will yet hear the news that the adversary of MY people is judged. New hosts have been released from heaven on behalf of MY people. In all strata of human society, angels shall stand to work with you as you listen and obey the voice of MY Spirit.

You shall walk through the fire and it shall not burn you. You shall walk through the waters and it shall not swallow you. Yea, I shall shield you, saith the LORD.

I am separating from the chaff and the wheat. Yea, there is a separation going on. Keep yourself strong in MY word. Keep your eyes up to the sky. Let your hand be strong to reap the harvest of nations of the earth.


For the year 2020 is a year of judgment. I will judge the unrighteousness of men. I will judge the wickedness of men’s hearts. The only way you will escape is to walk closely by MY side. Walk closely with ME and you shall not be touched by the affliction and the judgment that is coming upon the world, and that have started.

I am opening new rivers, new rivers, for I am shaking the world and I am shaking nations that the desire of nations might come.


The silver is MINE, and the gold is MINE. I am releasing into your hand the silver for the work, the gold for the harvest, and it shall come not in trickles but in deluge of rivers, in deluge of floods. It shall be like a flood and you shall not have room to contain. It shall come and you shall yet say again, there is no room to keep this one. I am shaking the earth and that the resources of the world will find their way into the hands of MY people. Tell MY people, IT IS TIME FOR THE LAST TRANSFER OF WEALTH. For I will give you favour that the world cannot understand, I will give you access that the world cannot reach.


I am breaking the hold of Islamic force over your nation, even this year. I WILL FIGHT FOR MY CHURCH. I WILL DEFEND MY OWN. The battle line is drawn. The sword of the LORD is stretched forth. See the sword of the judgment of the LORD is stretched over your nation. It shall not be long, and you shall hear the tumbling and the rumbling, and the tumbling and the rumbling, for I will laugh on your enemy. Don’t you hear laughter in heaven? For you shall laugh last over your enemy.
Watch, for you shall laugh a new laughter, even this year. For you shall laugh at your enemies that have laughed at you, for I shall cause them to cry and you shall laugh. You are not supposed to cry with them, for your enemy shall cry and you shall laugh.

But watch yourself and watch your step. If you do not walk closely with ME, you shall cry with them, and that is not MY plan, for MY plan is that you shall laugh and laugh with ME.

Look to ME. I am your Supplier. Look to ME. I am your Source, saith the LORD. I will bring to you, resources that you can’t explain. I will cause men to give you that which they do not want to give. Rejoice and worship, for it is a new day, saith the LORD.


Look! I AM PURIFYING MY HOUSE IN YOUR NATION. The launderers of heaven are purging even MY house in your nation, and there shall be a purging, and there shall be a fire, and there shall be a purging and that which is not golden will burn; that which is not silver will melt. The hays and the stubble and the grass shall be consumed.

Children, let your work be golden, let it be precious stone, for that fire will reveal its glory. There are many in your nation that are calling themselves by MY name, but they are not walking in line with MY plans, in line with MY word. Yea, YOU SHALL SEE SEPARATION FROM NOW. Therefore, stay in MY word from now, stay in MY plan. Run and keep to MY side, for I will order your steps and I will lead you in the way to go.


There shall be sudden, sudden, and sudden cry and commotion in the three tiers of yourvv government, and even in the hands of government, for I will disarray that which they arranged for themselves. I will turn upside down that which they have put together for themselves!

Tell MY church across your nation to come to ME in praise and prayer, even for six months from this month. ONE HOUR OF PRAISES, ONE HOUR OF PRAYER in the morning, in the night. In six months from now, you will see MY glory passing across your nation. As MY glory passes, look, there shall be jubilations for MY people. Look, there shall be wailing for the adversary. There shall shouting, and there shall be crying and wailing. As it was in the land of Egypt, let MY people from now take ONE HOUR OF PRAYER, ONE HOUR OF PRAISES, daily, for the next six months and watch what shall happen. For I shall pass through your nation by the ninth(9th) month of the year, and the gods and goddesses of the land shall be judged and thrones shall tumble, and men sitting on them shall tumble, for this is the time of MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN. The government of your nation has been weighed. Those that be there have been weighed, and time is no more for them.


Pray for MY children, even in the government of your nation. Pray that the flood shall not sweep them off. Ask that MY mercy shall be there to keep them, that MY mercy shall keep them.
It shall be an uproar that will not spread, but an uproar that will be at the centre.


Pray now for I am releasing a new wave of revival. Yea, rain shall fall, and multitude shall come to MY kingdom. One hour of prayer and one hour of praise, in the morning and in the night. And as MY people key into this from this month, watch and watch, and watch by the six months from now, the ninth(9th) month of the year you shall see full manifestation, for the sword of the LORD is stretched over your nation.

Do not worry about your need, for I have supplied. Do not worry about your desire for I have granted. Do not worry about the mountains for I have uprooted them for you. Therefore rejoice, and therefore praise ME. It’s a new day. It’s a new glory. It is time to renew the covenant that I made with you on this mountain. Yea, for the time you have entered is a time of renewal of covenant. MY covenant with you will stand and MY purpose shall be established, and MY counsel shall be fully carried out.

You have seen, you have heard, you are experiencing now but watch, for greater glory has just been released, saith the LORD. And you shall watch, and it shall come to pass, and you shall lift your hands and praise ME, for MY glory shall be seen, and MY power shall preserve you. Walk in MY light. Walk in MY power. Walk in purity, and you shall see MY glory as never before, saith the Spirit of the LORD.
Let’s make adjustment and align with God ordained changes.
Position and strategize.
A new crop of kingdom is about to emerge.
Watchout for the roadmap to 2023, 2027 and 2030 as I’ve earlier told you.


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