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Jack Welch, modified and adapted by Pastor Isaac Ayodele Adeleke


A leader is at a vantage position. The leader was given leadership position and power in trust.


The first one clearly is to be the chief meaning officer; to let everyone in the place know:

Where you’re going, why you are going there, what’s in it for them to get there as they go with you? People like to talk about where they are going, why they are going there. But they always leave out, the third thing.

When you commit to a new job and you say “we want change, change is great and we will do it”.

Some leaders forget that people hate change. You’ve got to explain what’s in it for them to make them willing to embrace the change with you.


A leader should give meaning to people in the workplace. As a leader be the chief meaning officer and give meaning to every single one of those people that are out there doing their job, so they understand why you are going where you are going and they know what’s in it for them.

A better job, more pay, more flexibility, maybe nothing, if you can’t say anything. But you’ve got to understand that’s one of them.


Another part of the job, the job of a leader is to not give all these directives and not be the person getting rid of the clutter. Getting rid of the clutter is a huge deal, you can’t all of a sudden have bureaucracy, let’s go here, let’s go there and then you have 20 rules to stop the employee not getting there.

You’ve got to break down all those little silos that occur, all those little bureaucrats who are checking the boxes and some layers slowing you down,  you’ve got to be the person who is (curling). We always use this analogy of curling, you see it every four years in the Olympics, with the broom out in front of the thing, you’ve got to be the brooming away, the stuff that’s in the way, you’ve to be the chief broomer out there to get rid of it, some people can act, and do things, you’ve got to have, if you want to be, in my experience,


A leader should enhance the success of the people under their leadership.

I have looked at 1000’s of manager in my lifetime; you’ve got to have a generosity gene. It’s got to be in your body, you’ve got to love to see people promoted, you can’t have a jealous vein, where you “oh, Joe got promoted and I should have got that job” or “Mary got this and Peter should have gotten it” or whatever.

You’ve got to enjoy people’s success; you’ve got to love people successes.

You’ve got to get in their skin and really be as excited as hell for them.


A leader should raise the life and living standard of people. You’ve got to love to give raises, you’ve got to be turn on giving bonuses. It’s got to make you feel great. And not, “Jeez, I gave him a bonus and didn’t get one that big”. None of those feelings, you’ve got just get over them and if I look at all the leaders I’ve seen, the best one’s I’ve seen have this generosity gene ask yourself, “Do I have it? “Or do you have this small gene in there, that’s killing to give raises, killing you to see other successes, and jealous in your body you can’t have it. Brush it out. Clean it out.


And then you go to work every day finally to really have fun? Are your people having fun? Find all kind of ways to win, there are small victories all the time and celebrate every one of them.

We found a way to bring in cake on everything, find a way, find a way to make little victories, big victories, and when you get a lot of little victories you will get a big victory when you add them all together.

A leader should cooperation, collaboration and community in the workplace so that workers can see the work environment as a place to be and utilize their skill, expertise and competence or capacity.

The leader should think of the job as a place to be victorious and celebrate the victory at work. This way, WORK WILL BE FUN! And a leaders job is to make it fun, if you’re a leader, don’t be some grinding horses ass. If you’re a boss slap yourself. Think of the excitement and fun you can have in your job, make it fun. Be the chief fun officer.

Leadership is responsibility. A leader must perceive their role as a responsibility bestowed on them.

So in my view, you’ve got a huge responsibility, most of you, God gave you a job where you’re responsible for people’s lives.

A leader should show as a family head leading and responsible for the family members and units.

It is a big deal. You’ve got families you’re responsible for make it a big success for them. A leader is one that makes impact. Make the workplace a place of impact. Be an impactful leader.

You’ve got one of the luxuries of life to impact people’s lives, grab it, squeeze it and take advantage of it.


Be a great leader.

Give meaning to work.

Make work interesting and meaningful.

Make work a thing of joy and fun to do.

Share happiness.

Get the job done as a great leader.

You will succeed.




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