Towards A Better You

Towards A Better You

1 NEVER compare yourself to anyone else. Why? Because there’s nobody like you.

2. NEVER stop pushing to be better, no matter what anyone says.

3. Choose to be happy regardless. Sadness & happiness are actually choices. Think about it.

4. Be good to everyone you meet. Life doesn’t give us the option of knowing the future so everyone is an asset.

5. Don’t downplay your personal relationship with God for any reason. It is your identity, not your religion.

6. Read, read, read, then practice, practice, & practice. That’s the only way to mastery & excellence.

7. Start from where you are now. If you are waiting for a perfect time then you’ll never start.

8. Have someone you consciously confide in. Accountability is the fastest way to an exceptional life.

9. Protect your eyes, ears, & heart. What you SEE, HEAR, & FEEL are determining what you’re becoming.

10. Take advice (like this piece) from your mentor seriously. It saves you almost half the time for your success.
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