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How to handle workplace or neighborhood attack in the dream or physical. 
Victory Over Attack 
I activate the authority in the name of Jesus to work for you.
I command the spirit of sorrow and embarrassment  to depart from you and yours.
I cut off the thumb of enemies of destiny help and helpers.
I cut off the right and left toes of the wicked that resist destiny help, helpers and businesses.
I demand for justice and judgment upon the arms of wickedness.
I release blindness to the cruel and wicked that derail, deflect and distract help and helpers.
I activate addition of blessing to you and your businesses.
Gladness and blessing will be your portion in the name of Jesus.
Every beast that is waiting for you to come out so that they can devour you must die.
I shut the mouth of the lions and beast that might be against you.
As the mouth of the beasts were shut from swallowing Biblical Daniel so shall their bestial mouth be shut.  The same way the rod of Moses swallowed the rod of the magicians so shall their occult and witchcraft powers and arrows be swallowed.
The power of the enemy shall be swallowed up by the power of the Almighty in Jesus Mighty name. Amen.
Good morning.

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